28 October 2011

My Podcast Debut

I had the opportunity to chat with Jaclyn Schiff of Brazen Careerist the other day about this blog and the other work I have been doing. Talking about myself is probably the single thing I like least to do, but it was a fun conversation and included questions from Jaclyn that have me thinking about some aspects of this blog. It is my first time appearing on a podcast and I would definitely love to find ways to be involved in them more often (especially when the topic is not about me).

The part that I care about the most is the discussion about DAWNS Digest.  I really believe that finding ways to activate storytelling is one avenue to expanding the global narrative. I wrote yesterday that storytelling will change humanitarian communications and hope that I can prove that I am right.  If not, it will be a glorious failure and I will continue to seek ways to change the ways that we talk about the global South.

To those who have come here from the interview: I welcome you and encourage you to click around. I have a list of other blogs in the aid/development space that needs to be updated, but still provides a listing of the people that I believe do an exceptional job.

To my usual readers: Thanks for coming back. I always appreciate your inputs and the discussions that can be engaged here and on other platforms. I have no doubt that some of you will offer your thoughts and that is what keeps me blogging. So have at it and let me know where I am right and wrong.

Above all else, I hope everyone has a great weekend and be sure to listen to Brazen's Podcast today.