21 September 2011

Social Media and Medical Professionals

Social media sites have grown in popularity among millions of people around the world. For medical professionals, these sites present new avenues for interaction with family, friends, patients, colleagues, and organizations. This article will provide an introduction to social media and the various networking opportunities they offer. With many choices and designs, these platforms provide healthcare professionals with new ways to support their work. Additionally, advice on how to get started participating in social media will be offered, and the ethical and professional concerns that have been raised about using social media will be discussed.
That is me writing about social media for medical professionals in Medscape. I give a really basic introduction to the various social media sites with a tie into how it can support the American medical profession. What I found most interesting was the last section where I was able to discuss the implications of social media and medical ethics.

You can read the full story by going here. You will have to sign up to Medscape to read it, but it is entirely free. Comments, as always are welcome.