17 September 2011

Ron Paul's Equation: Socialism = Famine

In case you have not heard, there is a new political theory. We will call it Paul's Equation. Coming from the brilliant libertarian mind that wants to end the Federal Reserve and says that shop owners should have maintained the right to refuse service based on race, we now know what causes famine. See, famines take place when countries are ruled by Socialists. It is why it happened in Russia, North Korea, Somalia, Ireland, the United States and pretty much everywhere throughout history. If free markets were allowed to exist, suggests Ron Paul, then Somalia and the rest of Africa would not experience famine. Famine is not a part of capitalist society.

The best part of the equation is that it is not at all true. As you know, Somalia is anything but a Socialist nation. Some might use the word anarchy to describe the nation, but I say it is a libertarian haven. The government is so weak that people can do as they please.

Of course that an equally ridiculous statement to make. The ongoing famine in Southern Somalia is caused by a host of reasons that make it really complicated. Fortunately, one cause that can be knocked off the list is Socialism. Saying that it contributes to famine in Africa is false.

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