01 September 2011

Quote of the Day: Freschi and Shaikh on the Gates Foundation

It is not inconceivable that you might find yourself some day reading a story about a Gates-funded health project, written up in a newspaper that gets its health coverage underwritten by Gates, reported by a journalist who attended a Gates-funded journalism training programme, citing data collected and analysed by scientists with grants from Gates. What happens when we need to move beyond the success stories? If the Gates Foundation influences governments, NGOs and the media on global health, who will be able to offer objective feedback on its goals, practices and impact? If expensive polio and malaria eradication efforts, pursued not just by Gates but by the entire global health community at Gates’ urging, fail, to whom will Gates be accountable for that failure? Currently the foundation is ultimately accountable for its success or failure only to the four decision-makers on its board.
Laura Freschi of DRI and Alanna Shaikh write about the Gates Foundation for Alliance Magazine. They share some well grounded concerns in regards to the size and role that the Gates Foundation has in the global health arena.

Read the full article here.