01 September 2011

Looking at Food Insecurity Over the Long Term

This morning the Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers (CGIAR) held a public meeting entitled Famine in the Horn of Africa: Challenges and Opportunities for Mitigating Drought-Induced Food Crises in Nairobi. The discussion included:

Lloyd Le Page, CEO of the CGIAR Consortium
Mark Gordon, Co-Chair, UN Somalia Food Cluster, World Food Programme
Namanga Ngongi, President, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)
Joseph Mureithi, Deputy Director, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI)

CGIAR is working to coordinate the work of 15 research centers around the world that aim to find long term solutions to the world's agricultural needs. The present Horn of Africa crisis is a prime example of what CGIAR hopes to avoid in the future. By developing better food security measures, the impact of the next drought in the region can be significantly reduced.

Personally, I am keen on long term solutions. Immediate aid must happen, but discussions about prevention should not be shelved because of the crisis. Fortunately, CGIAR is attempting to lead by carrying on the discussion within the context of the Horn of Africa.

Watch the video of the discussion above, it is well worth your time. You can also watch it in other formats by going here.