06 September 2011

Horn of Africa Aid Map

Last week I shared this map from WFP tracking their programs in the Horn of Africa. At the end of the post I said:
I would love to see a similar map that pulls together the information from all of the NGOs working in the region with data about money raised and what they are doing. Any data nerds or grad students want to pull it together?

Well it seems that InterAction has heeded my call (doubtful that I had any influence but with the timing I can pretend) by creating a "Horn of Africa Aid Map." The map is great minus the inability to embed it into something like this blog post. However, they share the data collected and it is a good tool. So do go here to click around and learn a bit about what is happening in the HoA.

Their stated intention, which I like a lot, says:
Horn of Africa Aid Map is part of NGO Aid Map, a broader mapping initiative to provide detailed information on the work of InterAction members around the world.

NGO Aid Map is an InterAction initiative focused on collecting information on NGOs’ work at the project level and making it accessible to donors, NGOs, businesses, governments and the public through an online, interactive mapping tool. Although the data on the site represents only a portion of NGOs’ work in the field, the site aims to:

- Increase transparency within the NGO community
- Facilitate partnerships and improve coordination among NGOs, private sector, governments and donors
- Help NGOs and others involved in relief and development make more informed decisions about where to direct their resources
- Serve as a tool for advocacy and influence policy

NGO Aid Map uses the latest technology to pinpoint projects by area and sector to demonstrate the depth of the work of the NGO community around the world. Best practices are highlighted in select areas, allowing for information sharing on effective approaches.
HT Tom Paulson