30 September 2011

A Growing Interest in Brazil's Economy

A friend asked me last night what country interested me most right now.  My immediate response was Brazil and that has been confirmed with the above graph tracking the exchange rate of the Real against the USD since the start of the year.  My interest, which spills over to India and China, is how a country continues to address poverty after it has made the transition from low to middle-income status.  GDP growth is certainly not enough to end poverty in a given country.  As this graph helps to illustrate, it does not also mean financial certainty. Add in the use of cash transfers, a massive population, and the rapid growth of some regions; and you have a dynamic space where a lot of learning can happen.  Finally, I have to toss in the fact that I know so little about Brazil (having said it numerous times on this blog before) and have a strong desire to better understand what has been happening there.

I turn the question over to the comments section.  What country or region interests you right now?