29 September 2011

Changing the Way You Access Humanitarian News

The Development and Aid Workers News Service (DAWNS) is a daily digest of news and opinion for individuals who work in the international humanitarian space both at HQ and in the field. When you sign up for our service you will receive a consolidated digest of the news of the day in your inbox each morning. Mark Goldberg of UN Dispatch and I will sort through dozens of news sources to collect for you the critical stories you need to know about. The DAWNS Digest makes global news more accessible and gives you back the time (and data charges) you now spend tracking down what is going on around the world.

We offer two editions of DAWNS Digest that will offer the latest news to be delivered in the morning. If you live in Nairobi, Mumbai or London, the GMT edition is for you as it will be out by 5 AM GMT. For those in New York, DC, Brasilia, or Mexico City, the EST edition will arrive by 9 EST.

The two versions may differ slightly due to news and developments in the eight hour interim. You can sign up for both of these editions for one price: $2.99. If you chose to only receive one daily e-mail, that is fine too. If you have signed up for one version and would like the other version for free, just send us an email and we will manually subscribe you to the other.

Our digest is optimized for viewing on low bandwidth connections or handheld mobile devices. There will be no fancy graphics, confused formatting, or embedded codes. Keeping it light is important to us.

Subscribe now: GMT Edition or EST Edition

If you want both, no problem. Sign up for one and send us an email requesting to be added to the other edition. You only need to pay once.

Most importantly, your feedback is always welcome. If you have any ideas about how to improve the DAWNS Digest, let us know.

In the meantime, go see a Sample Digest.