12 August 2011

Sh@&%y Activism?

News has it that one of the best places for activism is porcelain and in houses throughout America. It is the place of great thinking and where we all can 'give a shit' with a tweet. That is what the aptly named Give a Shit campaign is now saying. Lead by an earnest yet clever spot with actress Nikki Reed (Thirteen, Twilight), the campaign takes activism to new heights.

By saying that you care with a tweet and a hash tag, you can change the world. That is the simple message of the campaign. I am not buying it, nor will I completely dismiss it. If mechanisms can be created that connect these tweets to action and further education there is a chance this might be positive.

Unfortunately, that does not seem to be in the announced design of the program. It appears that a tweet is enough with an implication that people will follow it and start discussions on their own. Rather than spending time being critical, how can this campaign be better? My weekly chalice of snark is overflowing. I think a website with resources of popular topics that connects to research, work being done on the ground, anecdotes, and recipient interviews would be a nice step.

What do you think? Can this be improved?