16 August 2011

The Growth of Mobile Phones in Africa

The video shares a lot of interesting data to get excited about, but what about the connections that cell phones bring? They allow the diaspora to stay in touch with home, bring neighbors closer together, and let family members speak to each other when they disperse throughout the country. Since it has been around our entire lives, we forget the connection that the telephone has facilitated in our lives. For many in the global south, they have skipped the step of land lines straight to mobile phones.

Yes, they transfer money (I cannot say how much I love M-PESA), offer reminders and tell farmers market prices. Those are wonderful advances that should be celebrated. They also bring together communities and connect families. Let's not forget that aspect of the story

HT Heather LaGarde for the video and Cynan for some of the ideas about the importance of connections brought about by cell phones.