01 July 2011

Aid Transparency 101

There is no ambiguity as to what Make Aid Transparent wants to do. It is an advocacy collaboration between organizations with some clout like ONE, Publish What You Fund, Oxfam International, Save the Children UK, World Vision UK and Transparency International.  In the video, MAT offers an introduction to aid transparency and explains why it is so important.  In the end, the hope is that the viewer will sign the petition and make donors more transparent about how their money is being spent.

Like anything else, transparency is not a complete solution.  The issue of educating donors and determining effective interventions will still exist.  Though knowing how money is being spent, by whom and for what project is a good step. What worries me is that this allows issues like overhead to creep into the conversation.  With more information and the inability to read it properly there is a potential for donors to be further confused or misinformed. Despite that, the video does serve as a good introduction to the issue of transparency.  It makes it clear that it is an important issue, explains why, and does not tout it to be the solution to all of the problems.