04 May 2011

Mo Ibrahim's Vision for Africa

Alex Wagner reports on Mo Ibrahim for the Huffington Post. Essentially it is a summary of his life peppered with quotes from the above video. To save you the time, I have embedded the video and included that most notable quote below.
Speaking to the efforts of the Bill Gateses and the Bonos of the world, Ibrahim says, “We thank all the philanthropic [institutions], the wonderful people who are helping the needy in Africa. But the job in our foundation is to really stop all that by changing the political outlook of Africa, changing the way we’re managing our affairs. There’s no need for us to beg for money.” He adds, “I don’t want Africa to forever be the recipient of aid. Aid is also humiliating for the recipient. And it touches a human indignity. Why? We are able-bodied people. We are not sick people.”
The point of highlighting this section is not to bask on celebrities but to lift up the idea that Africans can contribute to their own poverty alleviation. This can be lost in the messages coming from some celebrities and NGOs. To achieve meaningful and lasting development, I believe we must start with the the capability of the poor as one of the first truths.