05 May 2011

John Kufuor Says Investments Not Charity

Former Ghanaian President John Kufuor is interviewed on CNN where he talks about business on the continent. This is from late March and has sat in my draft folder for awhile. So apologies for being a tad delayed. Never-the-less, it is still worth watching as it is less timely than it is informative as to how the former leader views the development of his own nation during and after his tenure. 

Of note, Kufuor says in the interview:
It's good governance, is the main thing. Not only good governance, but a good legal framework which would generate a business-friendly atmosphere. 
If an investor comes to find it's a safe place for investments, finds that the infrastructure is in place for business to grow, finds the social atmosphere such that the personnel that were coming in would not feel endangered -- and in Ghana people walk around so freely, 24 hours of the day, they enjoy themselves -- they won't pull out easily 
Especially where Ghana is situated geographically -- six hours you are in London, you are in Paris, you are in Berlin, you are in the Middle East; United States and New York, eight hours or so you are there. 
Accessibility is so easy. I don't know who would want to come in and make a quick buck and run away, because you don't feel threatened at all.