12 April 2011

White Mischeif...In Vogue?

The new UK edition of Vogue has a new spread with Model Agyness Deyn titled "White Mischeif" an obvious reference to the 1941 Happy Valley Murder of Josslyn Hay, 22nd Earl of Erroll and later film of the same name.

I am not sure what the photographer intended in the series of images, but I quite like the title image of Deyn standing above the young man, facing each other while not looking directly at one another.  The cheetah stands by her side, slightly domesticated in the seemingly barren desert. To me, the image shows an out-of-place visitor who feels above those native to the land but at equal with the animals.  In one image, this sums up many of the ways that 'Africa' has been portrayed over the past century.  It is possible that the photographer did not intend for this to be the way the image is interpreted, but it is my take.  Coupled with the title, I have a hard time believing that the series was unaware of the implications of invoking it with these images.

You can see all of them by going here.  I have also included another image which I find interesting and am unsure what gave me reason to pause on it for a few moments.

How do you interpret the image(s)?  Share in the comments.