29 March 2011

World Vision USA CEO On Media

Richard Stearns, president and CEO of World Vision USA, writes on the CNN Effect over the weekend and concludes with this:
How can we have a shared media experience with such an inconceivable volume of images? To gain a significant audience on YouTube, one must be humorous, outrageous or remarkable. Is your kitten wrestling a German shepherd? Is your daughter spewing racist rants against Japanese students calling home? Is your three-year-old prodigy playing Mozart sonatas?

Like many people, my optimism, fortunately, is stronger than my frustration. Optimism that people will demonstrate compassion and generosity to those devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Optimism that freedom fighters in Arab countries will prevail over dictatorships.
Or optimism that, someday, we will not need shared media experiences to instill a deeper desire in all of us to help victims of poverty and injustice, that we will respond to pain and suffering using our heads -- not only when our hearts are pierced by images.
Him recognizing this is a very good thing, but I am curious as to know what World Vision is doing about it. 

So, WV USA, if you happen to read this blog at all, how about a post which addresses how World Vision plans on working towards a time when images will not be needed to move people to act?