07 March 2011

Senate CR Proposal Released

I am most happy to see that the Senate recognizes the value of AmeriCorps and has made what is a modest cut in comparison to what the House proposed to the Corporation for National and Community Service.  Not only do I have self interest in this (my job is on the line), but I feel that this is an important part of our budget and one which will see many young people out of jobs very quickly.  Certainly, improvements are needed to the corporation and its programs, but they do provide valuable services by supporting our nation's communities.

What do you think of the proposal?  A press release from the appropriations committee provides some context as to why they made the decisions they in the CR proposal.

Finally, dig this short video of NDMV Shawn Welcome as he does a spoken-word of his service with ESOL students in Apopka, Florida.  AmeriCorps is diverse and has an impact on the children and those doing service.