28 March 2011

Maternal Health: Using Social Media to Edcuate

AMREF has rolled out a social media based campaign today which introduces an application where Facebook users can have their status updated by a mother or midwife from an "underprivileged African community." Aside from the poor choice of wording, this could be an interesting way to use social media as a way of educating about maternal health through the words of mothers and health care providers.  5 days seems like a good period to test things out and get people thinking.  With only 2 updates a day, news feeds will not be overrun by the campaign, but should be enough to get to people.
What interests me is how 10 updates will provide information and connect people to the AMREF campaign.  It is wishful thinking, but I hope that only the last update is one which makes a pitch to make a donation.

What do you think of idea?

Last quick thought: Wouldn't this have been better to do for Mother's Day? Turns out that Mother's Day is not the same for every country and the UK campaign is aimed at this week because it is celebrated this Sunday, not May.