03 March 2011

Leading Thinkers?

The Globe and Mail has put together a series of short videos that have 'leading thinkers' answer questions related to 'aid in the 21st century' and the 'battle for the brightest minds.'  The clips feature people such as Jeffery Sachs, Bono, Jessica Jackley (Kiva), Scott Gilmore (Peace Dividend Trust), Charity NgomaBen Best (EWB), Sylvia Mathews Burwell (Gates) and more.

It is definitely worth poking around and watching some of these videos.  A good job is done by the Globe and Mail to balance Bono, Geldof and Sachs with people like Gilmore and Ngoma.  It would be great to see them get all of the people that speak in the same room and have them discuss these questions with each other.  If I could have added to this, I would have like to have seen one of the RCTers from IPA of J-PAL, Andrew Mwenda, Zizek, Yunus, the head of an NGO that actually implements programs, and maybe try to have one or two political leaders from an African country which receives aid.

Also missing is the very important recipient.  I am sure that videos can be found of people who are impacted by these aid programs.  Why not get a person or community leader from one of the millennium villages?

Who do you think is missing from this group?  Are these the 'leading thinkers' when it comes to aid and development?