04 March 2011

Innovation and A Free Signed Book

Two interesting interactive pieces are taking place right now by the Center for Global Development and devex.

For devex, you can now go and take a survey to help determine the most innovative development organizations.
“We thought it was important to highlight the achievements of development organizations that are identified as the most innovative by thousands of their peers,” Devex President Raj Kumar said. “But that’s only part of the purpose of this initiative. Ultimately our objective is to spark meaningful dialogue about how the entire global development community can be increasingly more innovative, and thereby increasingly more effective.”

The Devex Top 40 Development Innovators list will include four types of international development organizations: donor agencies & foundations, development consulting companies, implementing NGOs, and advocacy groups. Only the largest organizations within each of these four categories are included in the survey, which is being e-mailed to a diverse group of more than 100,000 aid workers and international development professionals.

The Center for Global Development is holding a contest to win a signed copy of Getting Better: Why Global Development Is Succeeding–And How We Can Improve the World Even More by Charles Kenny.
[W]e’re sponsoring a Twitter contest (HT to Wren Elhai for this cool idea) for the next couple of weeks. To play, just Tweet your best evidence of how the world is getting better. Include #GettingBetter and (character limits allowing) mention either @CGDev or @CharlesJKenny. You may draw your examples from Charles’s book or elsewhere. In keeping with his inimitable style, funny is good but not required to win.

@CharlesJKenny and @CGDev, our institutional Twitter feed, will retweet selected entries along the way. On March 18 or soon after we will select our favorites applying a combination of regression analysis and statistical tools derived from Google’s secret algorithms. Winners will receive a signed copy of the book...
Check them both out.  I have already completed the devex survey and am thinking of a tweet for the Center for Global Development.  Who doesn't like free stuff? I say it is worth giving it a thought or two.