08 March 2011

Happy International Women's Day

How many of you are going to participate by going to a bridge? I think I might wander over to check it out on the Ben Franklin, but I am not sure if I really get this idea. Yes, I get the symbolism, but call me a skeptic for thinking that it might be more effective to have people gather in city squares rather than on bridges. Either way, that is not very important.

I should admit my dislike of days like this. The benefit is that it can be a reminder, but I hope that we can strive to celebrate and recognize every group that has a specific day and/or month at every moment of every year. To me, a successful future will be when days like today are seen as antiquated and unnecessary. I would love for my kids to laugh at the very idea of having a day set aside to recognize a single group because they all have been integrated into education and social structures. However, we are far from that point and should be championing women all the time.

Happy International Woman's Day. May we continue to celebrate this beyond March 8 and it not end because the designated day or even month (yes, it is also women's month) has come to an end.  Hope to see you all on your respective bridges.

Finally, this feature of James Bond with M asking 'are we equal?' is interesting and worth a watch for those who are not aware of the inequality that exists between men and women. My question is if the movie franchise will heed its own advice and start to feature women who are not simple sex objects for Bond, but as equals. Wouldn't it be great to have a female partner who kicks ass like Bond and not only does not bed her but there is not even a hint of sexual tension? I guess we can dream.