24 March 2011

Community Involvement in Decision Making

Parallel Urbanism Panel - Designwala from Rick on Vimeo.

Lina SrivastavaJyoti Hosagrahar,  and John Gerarci discussing "local people regulating local spaces addressed the topic of involvement of community in the decision making processes pertaining to their environments."  Lina gives a nice shout out to the use of twitter, Smart Aid and SWEDOW.  It is an interesting discussion to see how the three approach the issue.  Notably, I am intrigued by the idea of displacing one thing with another that John brings up at the beginning of the video.  I had never thought about how causing one action can likely displace another and how it is complicated in trying to achieve this displacement in an effective manner.  It also brings up the question of who are we to displace a priority in a person's life?  This might make all the talk of avoiding top-down solutions a tad unrealistic.