16 March 2011

CARE Packages In Their Own Words

CEO Helene Gayle discusses CARE Packages with Be the Change: Save a Life.
BtC: We also hear that you're relaunching the CARE package?

Gayle: Yes!...You know, that was our start- we started out by giving CARE packages to people who had been ravaged by World War II and…

BtC: The term care package started with CARE?

Gayle: Yeah, we're the organization that started the care package! But development has changed. Development is no longer shipping in commodities to people. So what we've developed is kind of a virtual CARE package where people can go online and for $34 send a girl in Afghanistan to school for a year, or give a woman a loan for microfinance. So virtually, people can contribute resources that go to the poverty fighting programs that we're involved in. It's fun and it's using new social media. Groups can do CARE packages, people can challenge people in their work places to build bigger CARE packages...It's a way of having people have that more direct link to the work that they're supporting in a way that will make it more real to people.
To me, it seems like there is no question as to what the aim of the campaign is for CARE.

*The use of bold is my doing.  Hopefully, this is the end of posting on CARE, but I can't promise anything.

HT Ward A