11 February 2011

Stop the Pity: Now We are Getting Somewhere

Mamma Hope has done something revolutionary! They have made a campaign that does not try to elicit pity. 'Stop the Pity. Unlock the Potential.' has kicked off with the above video of Alex re-telling the story of Commando, the 1980's action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This is what better advocacy looks like. The end of the video plays on all the talents of Alex and invites the viewer to 'unlock' his potential by supporting the organization. If we can start seeing those in poverty as having potential it will create a shift in the way in which donors view the recipients of aid.

As a side note, the kids who hung around my house in Kenya were wild for Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Kung-Fu movies were a constant reference and request. The same kids who appear as the ones with tattered clothes and crying eyes, were very much full of energy as joy as they ran around re-enacting the movies they saw.

Also, if you are flying Virgin America Airlines, you will get to see this video in-flight.

So, maybe a larger faith-based organization everyone has been talking about can follow the lead of Mama Hope to become the leader in a new way of telling stories...

HT Penelope