10 February 2011

Konclusions from Aid Watch Post

Aid Watch ran a very funny post on Klout this morning (see the highly scientific table they produced after many days of rigorous research and RCTs).  A few commented and I decided that, being the thought leader of the bunch makes me instantly able to draw spot on conclusions.  I present to you what this all means:

1) I am the only person on the list without a book or movie. Clearly, Klout is saying that I should have a book deal by now. So, let the bidding begin. Email me.
2) Klout score is relative to intellectual aptitude.
3) Aid Watch must write a “How To” for readers who are new to this blog. Satire can be hard.
4) There is a marketing opportunity here. Hipsters loved the Jen vs Angelina t-shirts and the Twilight campaign for Team Edward and Team Jacob was ubiquitous (note: It covered a Burger King in Austria last year).  Someone must immediately print shirts for Team Easterly and Team Sachs and make twitter ribbons for avatars. The only way to settle this is to make a profit off of it. I suggest that the shirts have plain letters with a head shot of the respective scholar. Brooklyn will thank you.
5)Since I would wear my Team Easterly shirt proudly and using the argument of Sam, my Klout points would then go towards Easterly.
6) Klout, please feel free to sponsor my blog.
7) Next up, Kristof!
8) I win at twitter.  I would like to thank my followers and RTers for your continued support.  I couldn't have done it with out you!
9)To be explicit: This post is way more serious than the original Aid Watch post.
10) Conclusion number 9 was dripping in sarcasm.