11 February 2011

Fun iPhone App Teaches Country MDG Progress

I came across this little iPhone app called 'DevContacts.' Unfortunately, I am a Blackberry guy, but I do have an iPod touch. So, I downloaded it for free and played around. As you can see above, the application creates a secondary contact list that randomly places contacts into different countries. Above you can see that I am from Belize and can swipe over to see how the nation is progressing towards the MDGs.

It is a clever way of seeing the challenges in each nation and showing that a friend could have easily been born in that country. In many ways it reminds me of the Save The Children Lottery of Life Campaign. It would be great if the app followed the lead of STC and had people randomly selected for their nation based on global demographics. The number of people living in low or middle income countries would be striking when seen to the relative smallness of the high income world.

Having it for a few days now, I click in every so often and learn something new each time.