14 February 2011

DC Aid Hack Tweet Up

After a long day checking to see who retweed your latest blog post while trying to get a report done for the job that actually pays you, you deserve a drink.  So, come on out and meet all the others who spend their day improving their work efficiency through twitter.
If you do not use twitter, join now or you will be ridiculed by all for not having a clever handle that is the adult version of an AIM username.  Please bring friends and co-workers who might be interested in hanging out with people who work in international aid and development.  Heck, bring your dog; it would be a great conversation piece.
We will be gathering downstairs at the Iron Horse starting at 6PM.  There will be some fun balloons that are guaranteed to be filled with helium.   If you feel like you might want food, do not worry because the Iron Horse will not provide any.  So, be sure to bring a snack or even a meal to the bar. California Tortilla delivers and then there's McDonalds, Chipotle, California Tortilla, Subway, Five Guys, Z Pizza, and 'oodles' of cheap Chinese places in the area.
Hope to see you all there!