28 January 2011

Is Haiti a "Money Pit?"

A commenter in my post about Haiti in the Huffington Post wrote the following:
I am no longer interested in Haiti. I feel that the U.S. has enough problems.

Haiti is a money pit. I am asking all readers to consider this question: Is America so rich, so unencumber­ed [sic] with debt, so wonderfull­y equal in its distributi­on of wealth, that we can afford to throw endless sums of money and manpower into a country that has clearly shown itself to be a failure?
Last week, I wrote a bit about a study which tested donors and their propensity to support disasters through donations as opposed to ongoing issues that are a part of poverty in general. The authors of the study connected the findings to the just-world fallacy, but Joe and Don pointed out that the connection was dubious at best as there was little found that actually pointed directly to the actions of the donors and the belief in a just world. It is possible that it contributed, but also possible that it did not.

So, how can we reach out to people who see Haiti as a "money pit?"