18 January 2011

Haiti Evaluation Resource

For research nerds, such as myself, this is a very exciting idea and website:
The Office for Haiti is an activity of the Culture in Global Affairs program (CIGA), and is supported by the Elliott School of International Affairs and its Institute for Global and International Studies. The Office for Haiti is dedicated to increasing, analyzing and sharing social science knowledge for development in Haiti.

The Office for Haiti has begun building a database of evaluations of foreign aid programs and projects in Haiti. This searchable electronic library is open to the public.

We seek your contributions to building the collection and your suggestions for its improvement. The database will provide an archive of evaluations that will support future analyses of the effectiveness of various approaches to development through foreign aid. Our early endeavors focused on human development projects including health, housing and women's projects.

Through its parent organization, CIGA, the Office for Haiti sponsors public events about Haiti. Two events held during 2010 are available for viewing through the Elliott School's Web Video Initiative.
Stretching back to the mid 1950s, the resource is looking to compile reports and papers (in both English and French) that are related development and aid in Haiti.  The ultimate hope is to use the collection of data to analyze the effectiveness of aid and development practices in the nation.  In doing so, this can provide a useful case study of how implementation and research has changed over the past half century in a single nation.  It also could provide a substantial contribution in terms of understanding what has been achieved through foreign assistance in Haiti.

With simple stories flying out of Haiti each day since the earthquake a year ago, it is encouraging to see that strong research and evidenced based data is being collected, analyzed and shared in such an open manner.