31 January 2011

Donation Based Film Journey

A Girl Story is a very clever 'donation based film journey' by Nanhi Kali.  Each short video makes up the story of the young girl Tala.  For each chapter to be shown, a certain donation mark must be reached.  Presently 8 of the 11 videos have been unlocked with $1000 worth of donations.  So far, the project has raised over $4,000.

In addition to being a clever campaign, they have done good job of using the stream of youtube videos to connect in success.  Placed in a horizontal line, each video transitions from one to the next with action moving directly between the two panes.  I do not know too much about the foundation, but think the campaign in terms of creating engagement is very savvy.  What if an NGO took it to the next level and offered a documentary in a similar format?

Watch the video series here.

Sadly, the same group is also responsible for a head scratching idea called The Girl Store.
As you can see from the screen shot, the site has pictures of girls standing there with their needs on the right hand side.  My assumption (although I could be wrong) is that 'purchasing' one of the items does not actual buy that good but puts money into a pool which will then be used to fulfill the needs of girls in India as they arise.  They use .gif images as it looks like the girls are right there in front of you, streaming to your computer. Does anyone else feel like this is a market for the girls?  Some have expressed strong opposition to the campaign.  So, I will encourage commentary to discuss the campaign.

Update: There is now a petition to end The Girl Store here. The petition writer is fired up to say the least:
 [W[hy does the sale of notebooks and pencils warrant the clear and deliberate eroticization of small children? Is the video suggesting that the alternative to education is sexual abuse? Is it supposed to make us—the hapless and happy-go-lucky consumer—feel complicit in that sexual exploitation? Or are we just supposed to feel creeped out? Most importantly, what the hell does this have to do with school supplies?