26 January 2011

Coordinating and Watchdoging Haiti

Saundra does an informative pair of interviews for Utah Public Radio with Nigel Fisher, the Humanitarian Coordinator for the UN in Haiti and Karl Jean-Louis, the Executive Director of the Haiti Aid Watchdog that is worth listening to.  The discussions touch on the important issues of coordinating the relief and recovery effort in Haiti as well as keeping NGOs honest and open in regards to what is happening on the ground.

Saundra has done two programs thus far for UPR and they have been some of the most informative discussions in regards to Haiti that I have heard in the past year.  There have been a lot of good tweets and blog posts that cover many of these issues, but it is a shift to hear the discussions on media that is meant to reach the greater public.  Keep an eye out for Saundra's shows and I will try to share them here as they come out.

Note: I cannot seem to get the show to not auto-play, so please forgive this error.  I have added a jump to prevent it from playing every time someone comes to my page.