11 January 2011

Clooney has a Win-Win

CNN's Fareed Zakaria interviews (jump to min 25) George Clooney and John Prendergast on Sunday discuss the Satellite Sentinel Project. The most interesting point comes when Zakaria asks Clooney if he hopes if the pressure of knowing that the images are being taken will cause a change in actions and Clooney responds with, "we don't care." Zakaria then follows up by asking what Clooney things will be difference since satellite images have been used before in Darfur and other instances. The response from Clooney is that this time they are ahead of the game and will be more proactive. Lastly, it is interesting when Clooney points out the advantage of Enough not being a state so that they can easily set up such a project. Clooney and Prendergast see this as a clear advantage, but the DIY debate has hashed out already how there can be equal drawbacks.

In the end we will just have to wait and see how this all plays out. Regardless of what happens, I am sure that Enough will call this a success. If nothing happens they will say that they successfully deterred activities. If something happens but it is not bad, it will also be a success. Even if civil war breaks out, they will say that they had the proof. Either way, there is no way anyone can accuse them of crying wolf because all results will lead to a positive outcome. Hopefully this does put pressure on Sudan and deters action, but I do not think that will be enough.

(pun intended)