07 January 2011

American Volunteers Drop In To Rescue Haiti

Dateline might be doing everyone a favor with a special that shows exactly what not to do.

In a powerful episode of Dateline, Ann Curry travels to the remote hills of Haiti, following a group of American volunteers on a risky rescue mission as they take a giant leap into the unknown to save lives and transform the village of Medor. Airing Sunday, January 9th at 7pm/6c, Curry reports on how the fight to save this village is also a fight against time. Dateline cameras follow this group of brave volunteers as they parachute into Medor, treat more than a thousand people suffering from cholera and other diseases, and build an airstrip on tough, impenetrable terrain in the hope that it will help connect this isolated village to the outside world. With the odds against them, they must complete their mission in just 12 days.

Going to reserve full judgment until I actually watch it. It looks bad, real bad, but it is not fair to really comment without knowing the exact situation that gave cause to the actions of the group. However, the video sure does make it sound like a bunch of Americans decided to take action into their own hands and show up to save a village. If it is nothing more than that there are some potential problems.  I am holding out with the hope that my instincts are wrong.

HT Tales From The Hood

….and if you do not like skydivers but like surfers, "Eat your heart out Nicholas Kristof. Dude!".