17 December 2010

Ngrams of Africa 1880-2008

Dave posted about this yesterday.  Ngrams is a beta tool from Google that lets you search a word or group of words in 15 million (12% of all published) books.  Read this really detailed account of the project (HT Chris Blattman).

I figured I would plug in all the current African countries to see what comes up.  1880 was picked as a starting point since it was roughly when the upwards ticks in mentions of countries began.  Sadly, I cannot do all of them on one graph. So, be aware that the %s are relative to those in each group.  The first graph has an upwards of .001% while the next one is .005%. (Click on the images to see them a bit bigger)

For fun, does anyone want to draw some conclusions?

Ngrams 1A

Ngrams 1

Ngrams 3

Ngrams 4

Ngrams 5