09 December 2010

Best Intervention = Immigration?

I was feeling a little left out and don't want to be the only person who has not posted this graph (Alanna Shaikh, Chris Blattman, World Bank (original post), IPA).

Researcher David McKenzie writes in the World Bank post,
I bet that facilitating international migration is not very high up the list of interventions people think of. But it should be. In a new working paper, John Gibson and I evaluate the development impacts of New Zealand’s new seasonal worker program, the RSE. The figure below compares the per-capita income gain we estimate to those from microfinance, CCTs, and from my previous research giving grants of $100-200 to microenterprises. It is simply no contest!
Double blogger (Roving Bandit and IPA) Lee notes,
The migration study wasn't randomized, but was based on 4 surveys and the next-best statistical methodology. And with impacts that big, you have quite a lot of room for bias.