06 December 2010

The (Aid Blog’s Best Awards) ABBAs

It was brought to my attention that some people thought the nominations were the vote. My bad.  Having reflected on the fact that it would be a lot to get people back on voting and consider how poorly the Mashable awards have been at producing anything meaningful, I have decided to do the exact opposite of the great and powerful Oz.  Rather than begin behind the curtain, pulling levers to only be revealed by Toto.  I am asking the assistance of my canine friend to kindly pull the open curtain closed.

Would like to have embeded the clip from the Wizard of Oz here, but it seems that it is not possible.  This link will have to do.

Starting Wednesday, I will pick the winners for each of the categories based on what was nominated, who was nominated most frequently and my personal thoughts.  This largely puts the decisions on myself.  In the end, I wanted to do this for fun and with a large amount of self awareness and a pinch of irony ( Come on, I named them the ABBAs).  It is my hope that people can offer their dissent in the comment section.  I hope that not everyone agrees with my choices and are willing to jump in and tell me why.