24 December 2010

The ABBAs Wrap Up

Best Picture - Duncan McNicholl
Best Debate - 1 Million Shirts
Best News Article - Bill Easterly
Best in Snark - Aid Watch
Best Twitter - Owen Barder
Best Series - Texas in Africa
Best New Blog - Shotgun Shack AND Find What Works
Post of the Year - Owen Barder
Blogger of the Year - Chris Blattman

Thanks for everyone who voted. In my opinion, the results turned out to be a pretty good reflection of what was done well in aid blogging. Everyone did a good enough job to bring in voters, but did not turn it into popularity contest. There are some great bloggers who just lost out that should also be celebrated.

I encourage everyone to read check my reading list to really get a sense of the fullness of the aid blogging community. To finish, I want to second what Prof Easterly wrote earlier today "special recognition for the Gloom of the Unknown Blogger, who is writing great stuff but nobody has realized it yet." Here is to hoping that we have some new winners in the 2011 ABBAs.

Finally, as a way to keep this going, please use the #ABBAs tag to nominate posts/tweets throughout the year. This way we can remember all of the great posts and discussions throughout the year and possibly help to streamline the process next year. Be on a look out for a lessons learned post that will ask for your suggestions.

Happy Friday!