24 December 2010

The ABBAs: Mama Mia! Blogger of the Year

In a true horse race, Tales From the Hood took an early lead to only be passed at the midway point by Aid Watch as a mention saw a traffic spike from his readers, but it was the late and now historic "Blattman Bump" that catapulted Chris Blattman as he made the turn five wide and out sprinted Aid Watch. In the end, the academics cleaned up at the ABBAs. While they might feel like Rodney Dangerfield from time to time, there is a lot of respect for the PhDs who blog about development.

Congratulations to all the researchers who write blogs. Maybe you can convince some more of your colleagues to join the aid blogosphere. However, we should not forget the anonymous aid bloggers, like J, who provide vital reflections from the implementation and field side. We could use a few more of you as well.

Most of all, congratulations to the first ever ABBAs Blogger of the Year, Chris Blattman.

Chris Blattman's Blog 28.2%
AidWatch 22.7%
Tales from the Hood 11.0%