20 December 2010

The ABBAs: Best Aid Debate for going "on and on and on"

When Jason Sadler of I Wear Your Shirt launched his initiative called 1 Million Shirts, a swift response by the aid blogging community sparked a debate over gift-in-kind donations that lead to snarky blog posts, accusations of drinking 'Haterade,' a conference call and a year long discussion over what was later dubbed SWEDOW. Although Voluntourism was a spirited discussion at certain points, the MGDs got everyone going in September and professionalism debates over DIY aid and the usefulness (or lack there of) for amateurs in aid saw some fun had at the expense of everyone's favorite NYT journalist; it was the 1 million shirts debate that stood out above all others this year.

The Final Results:
1 Million Shirts 26.4%
Poverty tourism/Voluntourism 14.7%
The Millennium Development Goals 14.7%
Professionals versus amateurs in aid 11.7%
DIY aid 10.4%
What constitutes "evidence"? 10.4%