02 December 2010

The Nominations…So Far (Updated)

After a day, this is what the nominations look like for Aid Blog Awards 2010.  I am happy with the returns right now because there are some posts and bloggers that I have never read before.  Please keep making nominations, this can be a good way to find some of the work that might have slipped through the cracks.

You can add your nominations by commenting below or you can go here to do it anonymously.

Updated: 12/2
1. Best New Blog: The best aid blog that started in 2010.
Shotgun Shack, How Matters, Architecture for Development, Bottom Up Thinking
Water Wellness Laurenist, Staying for TeaCan?We?Save?Africa?, Going With the Wind Find What WorksWhyDev?, Kiwanja, Global Health Hub

2. Blog of the Year: What do you think are the best aid blogs out there?
Wait... What?, Aid Thoughts, David Roodman's Open Book Blog, Good Intentions are Not Enough, AidWatch, Texas in Africa, Chris Blattman's Blog, Aid on the Edge, Development Horizons, Find What Works, Humanitarian and Development NGOs Domain of the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard, Pulling for the Underdog, A View from the Cave, Guardian UK Development; Poverty Matters blog (Guardian), Water Wellness, Jock Noble, Owen Barder, Tales from the HoodBlack Looks, Blood and Milk, Can?We?Save?Africa?, On Motherhood and SanityWhyDev?Global Health Hub,

3. Post of The Year: What was the best single post?
What's missing (Texas in Africa), Listening to People on the Receiving End of Aid (Hauser Center), What's Missing from the aid effectiveness debate? Overlooking the Capacity of Local NGOs (How Matters), Whites in Shining Armor (Good Intents), Water Wellness - Perspectives on Poverty, Tales From The Hood - best of #SWEDOWNo, you can’t have my clitoris!! - Saving Africa161 Indicators, and then what? - How Matters, Some Thoughts on Clitoraid and the Ethics of InterventionShoot the messenger. wait that's me! Ironies & contradictions of Aid Work, What Can Development Policy Learn from Evolution? - Owen Barder, Opening the floodgates – perceived terrorist threats in the wake of the Pakistan floods - WhyDev?, Real Lives, Real Choices: 142 Girls and 8 MDGs - Wait. . . What?

4. Best Series: 3 or more posts that address a singular issue intended by the blogger to be read as a series.
The series on DIY from Find What Works; Texas in Africa: How social scientists thinkWater Wellness - Perspectives on Poverty, When Helping is Hard - Lisa McKay, This is for My Corporates - Shotgun ShackTales from the Hood on professionalism  (1, 2, 3, 4), Clitoraid Series

5. Twitter of the Year - The person to follow for aid tweets
@ithorpe, @viewfromthecave, @alanna_shaikh, @intldogooder, @talesfromthhood, @owenbarder, @onsanity, @karengrepin, @saundra_s, @laurenist@unnikru

6. Snark of the Year - Everyone does it, who did it best and how (can be tweet, picture, blog post, comment, etc)
Tales from the Hood, Wronging Rights, Hilary, Stoves Won’t Save the World, The PlayPump IV - PlayPump vs. AfriDev, Hand Relief International, Laurenist, AidWatchChris Albon to @talesfromthhood

7. Best News Article - What is the best aid related article to be printed this year (online only does not count)
PBS' documentary “Good Fortune”; An Army of One (GQ); Teaching Americans What Haiti Needs: Money by Stephanie Strom“It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.” -  Kavita N. Ramda; Foreign Aid for Scoundrels by Bill Easterly

8. Debate of the Year
Poverty tourism, 1 Million Shirts, DIY aid, what constitutes "evidence"?, @paul_currion and Crowdsourcing/Ushahidi debate on @mobileactive, Conflict Minerals, Clitoraid, Professionalism 1, 2, 3, 4 (by Tales From the Hood), Are we on the right path with the MDGs?

9. Picture(s) of the Year
Perspectives on Poverty, Glenna Gordon – Harper, Boy at Nutrition Center (More Altitude), On Motherhood & Sanity - The Embera Indians of Colombia and Crossing the River