22 November 2010

Call for Nominations: 2010 Aid Blog Awards

I thought of coming up with a clever name, but felt that it would be too trite to have some small name, so I am just going to call them my 1st Annual Aid Blog Awards.  What I want to do is to recognize some of the great work that aid bloggers have done this year.  I do not see it as a contest as much as it is a way to recognize this community.  I am taking open nominations first and then will produce a listing where people can vote in a few weeks.  From there I will announce the winners and provide the results from the voting (gotta be transparent right?).

Please take a few moments to go to a short Survey Monkey I have set up to make your nominations.  I will accept nominations until Friday December 3rd and then post the finalists on the following Monday.  Nominate away!