01 October 2010

Interview with RT America

Thousands of police took to the streets yesterday in a failed coup over a new law they felt jeopardized their benefits. However, many in the US media barely covered the story as it unfolded. Blogger Tom Murphy from The Huffington Post said the media opted not to cover the story based on a belief that Americans are only interested in what happens in the United States and not the events taking place elsewhere. He argued that this continues to be a problem with all international and global issues.
So, my first live interview ever after I published this about the coup in Ecuador.  I was hoping that we would not have to touch on Chavez or any of that, but it was asked and I did my best to answer without going too far.  I think it went decently well for a first time and would love feedback about anything in regards to the interview.  Who knows, might have to do one again in the future.