22 September 2010

UN Week Digital Media Lounge: What Can We Learn From Girls? (Rapid Post)

Talk Title: What Girls Can Teach the World
Goal: Addressing MDG Number 3

Kimberly Perry, Director, Girl Up
  • Position young girls to raise funds, awareness and advocate for global issues
  • Want to invite more Americans into the conversation – decided to focus on young girls
  • Study they did found that girls do in fact give (clothes and their own money)
  • Girls said that they did not have a direct invitation to participate in global issues
  • Use social networks to share facts
Nancy Lublin, CEO, DoSomething
  • Most American teens dont want to stand out – safer
  • Challenge is to get kids to move out of bubble
  • Skeptical of how much money can be raised from American teens
    • Currency in texting to give
  • Two plights young girls identify with homelessness and Animals consistently
  • Worry that we cannot capture interest of teens in the MGDs
  • Terrible that we need to continue to raise money 10 years after MGDs were started that women need to fight to be on the agenda
  • Girls are the most powerful people in American High Schools
  • Is not willing to wait any longer, act immediately
Zainab Salbi, Founder, Women for Women International
  • Need to create hope in humanity.  Woman told her she was “too helpless to be helped”
  • Connect women in West with women in conflict areas as a sponsor.
  • Opportunities to continue education
  • Little discussion is around secondary school
  • Who are we not to give her that possibility?
  • International Women’s Day already exists as a day to celebrate women together – sadly not celebrated in US like it is in the rest of the world
  • 2 cents of every dollar goes to girls - (by going she means ‘is earmarked’)
  • It is about providing an environment where every girl can have the choice 2 do whatever she wants 2 do in her life.
Nancy Zhang, International Trustee, Key Club
  • Agrees with skepticism amongst teens and service
  • Engage with the ‘butterfly effect’
  • Young women want to take part when informed about global issues
  • Girls want to do what is popular
Layne Gray, CEO of Vivanista – Moderator
  • Want to come up with ideas to better serve women
  • Launching parties with a purpose