21 September 2010

UN Week Digital Media Lounge: Sanitation and Health Panel

Instant notes of the remarks for the panel that just concluded.
Steve Cockburn – International Campaign Coordinator, End World Poverty
Current trends mean that we will not halve the proportion of ppl with access to sanitation will not be met in Sub-Saharan Africa till 23rd Century.
Need to do what works to meet MGDs not what is popular (ironic?)
Look to how the money will actually be put to use tomorrow when all the big announcements are made.

Mariame Dem – Executive Director, Malawi Health Equity Network
Most important thing is getting the citizens to take a part of the coordination of various services.
To Obama: Lack of sanitation has to be a major concern. Any time you make a promise think about the poor marginalized lade.  Go beyond the paper and get it done in practice.

Martha Kwataine – West Africa Head, WaterAid
Issues of water, sanitation and health are linked.
Do we need new strategies or to more fully commit to implement what has already started.
Tells story of health clinic closed because it does not have water and the burden/suffering it places on those who need access to healthcare in the community.
Need to take radical approaches as has been done before in Malawi.
To Malawi Pres: Do not use recession as a reason to cut aid.  Fight against corruption should not be lip service.  Move from rhetoric to action.  Develop priorities within priorities.

Dr. Samuel Kargbo – Dept of Health, Sierra Leone
Looking at things that have worked.
Set standards of what all health facilities should have at the minimum.
Present info to partners and orgs so that they can know what they are expected to do.
User fees were removed for pregnant women and others this year in SL.
To NGO Exec: Let us work together and be transparent enough to put our monies on the table.