01 September 2010

Transpacencygate! Updates

The following updates have taken place since the original post:

Aug 26 - Lova Rakotomalala post
Aug 27 - Counterpart Int'l response
Aug 28 - TI Georgia supports Bruckner
Aug 28 - TI comments
Sept 1 - CARE comments

I feel the need to post these updates for two reasons.  First, when I post this it will be automatically sent out and I feel that I should draw attention to the fact that this is an ever evolving discussion.  Second, I am super busy and want to have a new post of sorts when I am unable to be producing anything significant this week.

I am planning on a follow up to this discussion that tries to root out how people see transparency.  It appears that differing opinions on definition, use, what is appropriate and other things are at the core of this discussion.  I want to try to define arguments from both sides and then open it up to the opinion of others.