30 September 2010

SPAM Error

For some reason, this comment went to spam, which I did not know was possible, for my Smile Train Post. I just discovered this today and want to give JR, a fair shake to have his comments read. So please take a minute to read his comments and you can go to the original post to continue the discussion.
I am surprised to read all of these comments talking about how horrible these photos are of these children. When you say I am sure this child laughs and plays like other kids, there may be some truth to that, but just as often these children are hidden away in back rooms and even abandoned as they are viewed as cursed. This is a classic case of thinking the entire world thinks like the Western world, which could not be further from the truth. Smile Train is in incredible organization that provides free surgery for kids born with cleft lip/palate in other countries.

We as Americans do not like to see any ugliness and that is likely what bothers you about the advertising. We only like to see "pretty," but that just is not the way the world works. I say that Smile Train should keep using the images that raise the most money, because even if the images offend your eye, that is not what it is all about. It is about these children getting help they would not be likely to get anywhere else.

You can always turn your head if you do not like the reality these kids face. On the other hand, maybe you and all of us readers should make a donation for more surgeries to help more kids. Just think, if they do enough surgeries, maybe these types of photos will be a thing of the past.