10 September 2010

Bono's Been Bad

Yes, I had to go there (honestly, how could I not?).  Because it is the best song by U2, the one that made them huge when performed at Live Aid (above), and an apt word/song for Bono and his wife’s failure.  The Wall Street Journal reports today:

Five years ago, U2 front man Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson, founded fashion brand Edun with the lofty mission of revitalizing apparel manufacturing in sub-Saharan Africa.

But when Edun designer Sharon Wauchob unveils her new vision for the label Saturday, most of the clothes on the runway—some featuring African touches like beads from Kenya—will be produced in China.

What is worse is the fact that Saundra predicted this a year ago:

While making and selling handicrafts overseas seems like a great way to bring livelihoods to rural areas, it is fraught with problems. Having seen many handicraft projects developed after the tsunami, and having been asked to advise on a handicraft cooperative trying to sell to both tourists and abroad, I’m wary of this type of project because of the numerous problems that have to be overcome for it to be successful and sustainable.

And to sum it up, she puts it best by saying today:

Bono’s failure highlights the fact that good intentions, money, and fame are all not enough to ensure a successful development project.

Bono, you did a bad job.  It is not easy work.  Sorry to use your best tune against you, but I had to. 

In order to make things a bit better, enjoy the song and jump to 7:30 for the iconic dance.