23 August 2010

Stirring the Pot

This post showed up on MetaFilter Yesterday:

If You Can't Buy 700 Bicycles, Don't Buy Any
August 22, 2010 10:27 AM

The Hughes family does a good deed and gets beaten up by some in the international development community, reigniting the debate on poverty tourism.(previously)
posted by Xurando (79 comments total)
If you check out the links, you will see that they lead back to one of my posts, one from Tales From the Hood and a collection of poverty tourism posts at Good Intentions are Not Enough.  I really holding back commentary for the moment.  I love criticisms, but the stream of comments become quite hateful and defensive almost immediately.  I am glad to spark conversations, it is my goal to do so, but this is not what I had hoped for.  The back and forth I had with Jina Moore is a bit more of what I was hoping for.
On the positive side, never having gone much above 100 or so page views, I had 1,334 yesterday.  I exceeded the previous month’s page views, ~1,000, in a day.