19 August 2010

Smart Aid at South by Southwest

The Smart Aid Initiative has submitted a panel idea to South by Southwest (SXSW) for their 2011 Interactive session. Our idea made the first cut and is now out for public vote. If you’re interested in seeing this topic make it to SXSW please take a minute and vote for it on the panel picker. Here’s a summary of our proposed panel:

In April 2010 a project was launched to send 1 million used t-shirts to Africa. The project was well-intentioned, but it was also based on several classic aid mistakes. Its social media profile was high enough that it caught the attention of aid professionals who blog. Within the course of just two weeks over 60 blog posts were written about the project from an incredible range of people. The ongoing and heated debate finally lead to an international round table with people from 4 continents participating. It also caught the attention of TIME magazine who covered the debate in their online edition. Somewhere between a case study and a debate, the panel will discuss the outcome of the debate, and what was learned from it, from the aid blogger and social venture points of view. It will also discuss some recent initiatives attempting to harness the power of social media for social good.
Questions Answered
  • What lessons did social venture projects learn from 1millionshirts?
  • What lessons did aid bloggers learn from 1millionshirts?
  • How can the power of social media best be used to provide feedback on ideas as they’re developed?
  • How can social media be used to identify or solve problems in the field?
  • What should you know before starting an aid organization or social venture project?
And here’s where you vote.

(Post stole from Saundra at Good Intentions are Not Enough but since we are working together on it there is no harm in a little sharing in the sandbox)