28 July 2010

New Blog to Share

I love when people are nice and I am willing to toss some support to new bloggers!  Nearly two years in myself, I still feel like I am quite green at all of this and know how important it can be to get some notice from others.

So here is How Matters:
How-matters.org [created and maintained by Jennifer Lentfer] attempts to revive and magnify compassion and empathy within international development and foreign aid. Too much is being lost in the abstraction and over-technicalization of this work. Most of the time, the needs of institutions and donors overshadow needs of local groups and individuals, thereby retarding or even preventing real change for real people.
This blog will raise more questions than answers, but it hopes to explore the skills and knowledge needed by all international “do-gooders” (professional and amateur alike) to truly raise the level of human dignity within foreign assistance and put real resources behind local means of overcoming obstacles. Postings will include articles, links, resources and tools, good practices, and (hopefully) inspire dialogue among the community of those involved in international assistance around the world.
Sounds like an interesting idea to me. Hopefully a lot can be learned and some spirited discussions will ensue.