13 July 2010

Interesting Reads

I tend to shoot out tweets of articles I find interesting, but forget that not everyone uses it.  So I am going to try to post interesting articles that I come across.  I might add a comment or two, but by posting the article does not mean I endorse it or condemn it.  It is just a worthwhile read in my opinion.  This may or may not be related to aid and development, but just what strikes my fancy.

Update: added two more reads.  Need to publish this later in the day from now on.
  • Prendergast & Eggers say "The peace in Sudan is one the United States 'owns.' @wrongingrights Kate rightly disagrees http://bit.ly/9EoMqQ
  • ‘How Experience in Foreign Cultures Facilitates Creativity’ http://bit.ly/d93p97  It is exactly what I found when I was in Kenya last year.  There was something stirring about being in an entirely new place that lead to a significant shift in my thought process.  Now back, it has just disappeared. HT to @gkofiannan for this find.
  • New Blog find - http://www.epitales.com/
  • Washington Post calls for bombing/invading Somali. http://j.mp/blZAjV Brilliant stupidity from the Washington Post.  Although it is concerning that Al-Shabab has moved its attacks into neighboring countries well past the boarder.  This is not like dipping into Nothern Kenya. However, war is not a good idea.  It has been such a failure with Al Qaeda that we do not need to strengthen the connections between the two organizations. HT @max_fisher
  • I "love" this picture from @ecoblips today http://twitpic.com/24xfbp
  • Journalist Eleanor Miller reflects on her time in Haiti on her blog http://www.eleanoramiller.com/
  • Top must read on this list - “Is Humanitarian Design the New Imperialism?”
  • French MPs vote to ban Islamic full veil in public http://tinyurl.com/3a6ypf6 I tend to feel that this is an infringement of individual rights, but recognize that there are instances where the full veil is worn without choice or because of a male dominated theology/faith.  There are some who express the desire to wear for sake of tradition.  I wonder if it is the role of a government to impose such legislation.  I am torn.  Great convo with @NaheedMustafa about it.  Follow her to read and jump in! HT @KeshetBachan
  • Linda Raftree (aka @meowtree) teaches what is appropriate etiquette in a van.
  • Another new find - http://www.jinamoore.com/blog/ Check out her blog and articles! Really digging her work.
  • Rwanda: Democratic Green Party official missing, car found near Butare: http://bit.ly/blmMUg HT @texasinafrica
  • Kristof says he sees hope in his visits, but why does he not express that in his articles?  He discusses the rising of humanity yet continues to show irresponsible natives who need to be saved by foreingers. http://ow.ly/2b1Pr